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400 plus Bed International Multi specialty Hospital with helipad.

A multi specialty tertiary care hospital is proposed in Praygraj (15 minutes)  from Allahabad International Airport in Uttar Pradesh. The Praygraj is witnessing double digit growth in terms   of setting up of  corporate offices and residential units. A group of practicing super specialty doctors around indian and overseas are the promoters of the proposed Hospital. The vision of the  hospital is to offer excellent medical services at affordable price for Indians and International tourist patient.  

The multi-specialty hospital will offer all major super specialties and also cater to primary and secondary level of care required in the catchment area.


This is Asia’s first and India’s No.1 hospital which beginning an ERA for Social distancing in this hospital infrastructure.

  • The total number of beds planned is 400 PLUS with 64 Intensive care Beds, 324 Patient rooms, 8 LDRP and 8 Emergency beds and isolation rooms

  • There will be four major Operation Theater (OT) and one minor OT.

  • The major equipment will include MRI, Slice CT and Lab.

  • A total provisional estimate for capital expenditure for the project is INR 500 crore including equipment cost. The operational revenue at 80% bed occupancy in year 5


Covid-19/ Nuero Surgery & Trauma


Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery

Oncology – Medical & Surgical




General & Critical Care Medicine

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Pediatrics & Neonatology

Pediatric Surgery

Vascular Surgery


ENT Surgery

Pathology & Blood Bank


Pulmonary Medicine








The proposed facility will be environment friendly and the building will be designed and built as a green building. The hospital will  be providing world class treatment facilities catering mainly to the healthcare consumer segment in North Prayagraj who have  health, fitness and wellness priorities in life.

Current PAPCAC Ayurveda center at Varanasi is extending the healthcare strategy to Praygraj. its expertise in healthcare strategy & operations has been assigned to assist the client in providing concept to commissioning services for healthcare facility.

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