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HRMG International Group activities are deployed in support of a coherent long-term strategy and include operational investments (upto $ 10 Billion) in the construction sector, Hospital, import and export, trading such as : -


Commodities (Soybean, Sunflower Oil, Corn, Sugar, coal, wheat, barley etc) Petroleum Products Jet A1, AGO, Fuel, D6, LPG, Crude oils, Refined edible oils,  PPE (Hand gloves, Injections, Safety equipment and medical equipment) Manufacturing, Coal, Urea, Real estate investments and private equity.

​HRMG maintains a successful track records from various partners around the world include USA, UK, Brazil, Spain, Columbia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Africa, France, USA, Spain and Gulf regions.

Benefiting from her own equity capital, HRMG Group International is also able to react quickly to new opportunities, but also works in partnership with a large network of suppliers & partners, leveraging the relationships of its experienced management to syndicate investors as required.

The company keeps monitoring long-term trends in the different fields it operates in to identify emerging technologies which could have a positive impact on its operations and development.

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HRMG Group International  provides a Project Management service to cover a range of different premises related issues from engineering projects to office moves, providing the full range of the professional teams, including planning supervisors, architects, and structural and building services engineers as required.

Working with our clients’ staff, HRMG prepare budget forecasts, CAD layouts and planning schedules, before sourcing the contractors necessary to achieve the goals set by our client. Once this is done, we’ll monitor the project and report on all progress.

Real Estate

Building contracting have extensive knowledge and experience delivering new builds and refurbishment contracts, both residential and commercial for both private and public sectors. Our services include residential, commercial and private buildings.

Our underlying approach to investment is conservative with long-term goals, as well as global and diversified, in terms of industries, markets and sizes. Our creative engagement, our market insight, and our local presence and agility, are qualities that set us apart.


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Healthcare & Ayurveda Medical Services

​​HRMG International exploding global demand of Ayurveda and C various kind of medicines and medical equipment devices for life support system  has escorted a great need to establish a "Centre of Excellence" that not only caters to the increasing demand for various Pandemic treatment & services including other diseases like cancer, heart  and joint pain treatment etc.


We are No.1 leading Ayurveda health care services in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (India).

Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical systems of the world. It traces its roots to the Vedic period. Ayurveda means "the science of life". Ayurveda has its origins in India from where it extended its wings in various parts of the world. Ayurveda is a discipline of the Upaveda or "auxiliary knowledge" in Vedic tradition. Ayurveda has its primary origin from Atharva-Veda apart from being a supplement to the Rig-Veda.




HRMG International Group is a family owned private company founded as name PAPCAA since 2009. At its establishment, the company secured and consolidated a diversified share portfolio. The Company name has been changed to HRMG International Group on 2020. The company now plays an active role in stimulating and guiding the development of its constituent companies, all well-established entities and leading specialists in their own fields.

Focused investments are carried out directly or via subsidiaries across a wide range of industries and asset classes, including construction work, health & Ayurveda Services, trading and all kind of Oil & Gas petroleum products, food commodities, medical equipments, manufacturing, import and export sectors, direct private equity, real estate, and basic industry start-ups.

The company has a long-term investment perspective and prefers to grow organically through acquisitions in fields where the management has significant experience. The company makes most investments using its own equity capital, which allows optimum flexibility in terms of financing, and consequently swift investment decisions. Company assumes it yearly turnover in couple of years is expected more than INR 5000 Crores.

HRMG International Group maintains close relationships with existing investment structures, funds, and asset managers, and is perpetually devoting efforts to developing its networks in order to identify appropriate investment opportunities.

HRM Group International also maintains a strategic relationship with their strategic partners.

HRMG International Group company is a premier company investing in various sectors including construction, engineering services, healthcare, Trading, Food grain commodities, electro mechanical, steel & aluminum fabrication, real estate, Auryeda, retail, water, sewage, solar, electricity, property development etc.

The company started with some affiliates that are in existence over since 2010. HRM Group International is continuously exploring and evaluating business opportunities and endeavoring to expand all of its business vertically and horizontally. The virtual head-quarter of the company is being shifting to India as future expansion.

HRMG Group  is a limited liability company with a proposed paid up capital of INR 500 Crore. The company is in the process to change to a closed joint company with a capital of INR 2,300 Crore over the year

The company’s vision is simple to invest through the strategy of:

  • Focusing on core growth and value added industry sectors

  • Investing in high performance companies with leading brands

  • Maintaining a longer – term investment approach

  • Extracting value from undervalued or under performing assets

  • Maximizing Stake Holders experience , investment experience and international network of contacts

  • Exploration of selective green field and value-added investment opportunities.

  • Commercial acquisitions of successful businesses opportunities.

  • Collaborations through strategic partnerships and alliances.


HRM Group portfolio was gradually built up within a few selected industries. The entry into each new industry was carefully considered and often structured to take advantage of HRM Group unique access and credibility both locally and regionally.




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Head Office

Business Partners

​​H'ble Dr. Prashant Mishra,

Managing Director & Vice Chairman

​HQ Office - Prayagraj, UP India- 211004

Branch Office - Varanasi, UP, India

Mr. Rudra Singh Gataraj

Business Head Consultant

Investor/ Lender & Facilitator - International

Branch Centre - Bahrain

(Gulf, Africa, Bahrain, MENA & Europe)


Mr. Tony Zucca

General Manager

​Ms. Ruby Tiwari

Office Manager

Global Email

Tel/ Whats app: +973. 366. 25. 301

(Mobile) +91 9044375023

Fax: 0091 9044375023


Balweer Singh Sikarwar,

Managing Director

Infortech IT Park, Navi Mumbai

Branch Office - Maharstra, India

Ajmal Hussain

Near Well No: 20, Burjisiya, Basra – Iraq  Near Jobaida

Branch Office - Iraq

+964 782998 0012


Asfara Resources


Azaan Bin Najjar

Sales & Marketing Manager

Kuching, Sarwak, Malesiya


Shanmugapriyan S and Venkataramanan V 

No 2 Venture Drive,  09-24 Vision Exchange,





To apply for a job with HRMG, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:





Chairman’s Letter

Our corporate culture, based on shared values of integrity and ethical business conduct, underpin HRM Group reputation around the world. When combined with a clear investment strategy, the quality and performance of our investment and shareholders support and our services, those elements create a powerful force for business success for the company as a whole and for our investment partners. We all therefore have an ongoing responsibility to share and live our corporate values and ambitions:

  • Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do whilst sustaining superior quality, value and service

  • Create an attractive return through sustainable, profitable growth in all our investment activities

  • Respect our social and physical environment around the world

  • Value and develop the talents, initiative and leadership of our teams

  • Endeavor to earn the admiration of all those associated with MENA, Europe, Eastern and Western Countries


Our everyday behavior and decision-making must be grounded in these values of quality, performance and integrity. Our adherence to them is essential to our success.

Board of Directors

Mr. A Mishra, AeSI, Chairman & Founder

Mrs. Mithlesh Mishra, Executive Director

Dr. Prashant Mishra, BAMS, Managing Director


Senior Management

Mr. Rudra Singh, Chief Commercial Operating Officer (CCOO)



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